New Words from the Technology Industry that Change How We Live

Michael Chuang
Department of English Literature, Soochow University
[2021 Summer] Introduction to English Linguistics
Freddy Chen
August 8, 2021

In recent decades, we see an immense rise in rapid technology development, and humanity advancing at an unprecedented pace. As a result, more and more newly-introduced terms are created in response to the escalating need for new, emerging applications in the technology industry around the globe. This essay aims to collect words of significance from the technology industry, whose impact are so immense that they have greatly shaped our lives today, or will be shaping our lives tomorrow. 

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Identity and Heritage Discussed in Everyday Use and the Oriental Contingent

Michael Chuang
Professor Diamond
Gender and Minority Study – Short Stories
June 29, 2020

In both short stories, Everyday Use and the Oriental Contingent, one prominent theme revolving around the two is cultural identity, which is an often-discussed subject among people of other ethnic origins. Connie Sung, the protagonist of the Oriental Contingent, is a third-generation Chinese American who throughout the story explores her connection with the Chinese culture; Mama, the narrator of Everyday Use, quarreled with her daughter, Wangero (Dee), for holding varied views about cultural heritage, both believing that only through their own way could the heritage be properly preserved. This essay is going to discuss the idea of cultural identity and heritage in Everyday Use as well as the Oriental Contingent.

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NaturalVision Evolved Pushes Grand Theft Auto 5’s Realism Into a Whole New Level

A man was driving his old-school American muscle car down the freeway along the golden shore. The weather was awfully fine and there was not a single cloud in sight, exactly the sort of warm welcome you’d get when visiting Southern California. After a short while, the driver was now zooming through the concrete jungle as his car’s glossy paints reflected the passing street, before taking a sharp turn uphill. As the terrain ascended he gazed at the glowing sun descending into the horizon. Hungry for a grander view of this magnificent city, this man then hopped onto a chopper and flew over the tallest building and, as he did so, the city of Los Santos revealed right beneath his feet, decorated with afterglow on the horizon and a million tiny lights, dotted along the dusky streets. The world has never looked better, all thanks to NaturalVision graphics mod.

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Summer Game Fest——TGA Geoff Keighley’s Answer to E3’s Absence in 2020

Affected by the notorious COVID-19, E3, one of the world’s biggest annual gaming festival, has confirmed to be called off this year. Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, has long been an exciting occasion where fans worldwide can anticipate world premier trailers or gameplays from video game companies, especially big ones with huge budgets and popular titles. Now that the biggest medium in the world is gone, where could the companies, big and small, find another ideal channel to present their babies, and where can we gamers look at all those delicious trailers and gameplays?

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Vanilla—a Simple & Neat Way to Hide Menu Bar Icons

Hi, the topic today is quite different from what I have been posting here. Since this blog hasn’t really touched on any tech-related articles, me being such a tech lover, I decide to start a new category on this website dedicated to sharing interesting tech tips and gadgets! I hope you will like this new category and I can’t wait to share more of what I love!

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A Jolly Revisit to Narnia

Hey, happy New Year! (and happy Chinese New Year in just a few more days!)

This is a book response to the novel the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, and will mention briefly the 2005 film of the same title. Some flaws exist in this essay and therefore I do not recommend using it as any form of study material.

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The Death of the Moth: Book Response

At first glance, the Death of the Moth seemed like an ordinary essay one would randomly jot down in his or her diary, some unparticularly significant matters on an unspecific day; it seems like the essay is the collective result of a mindless account of things, where nothing is organized, nor does it make any sense to me. However, after taking a closer look at the Death of the Moth, I had finally caught up with the swift thoughts of perhaps one of the most brilliant modernist writers I have ever seen to date, along with her life, her sufferings, and ultimately her death. Contrasting how little I knew when I first read this story, the finally-caught-on realization when I re-read the book 2 or 3 times, magnified my amazement, as well as my respect for Virginia Woolf, this unusually exceptional pioneer of feminism and modernism.

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