People Are Always Adapting|Dec. 3, 2018

This story was written on Dec. 3 by me.
People are always adapting. This is what I’ve been thinking recently. No matter this is a change for the better, or a change for the worse, we are constantly altering our way of living.

I’ve been a college student for more than three months now, and I have found that many aspects of the way I live have adapted to a college student’s life: now that I don’t have to go to school every day at 8am and leave at 5pm, I have to find meaningful stuff to do in order to fill out the gaps; I have to learn to be more independent so that I would have no trouble getting through my life on my own; I also have to learn to be more mature and cooperative when being in a group, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of our meetings.
However, my lunchtime has also become incredibly irregular as well, sometimes I have plenty of time to enjoy my lunch, while other times I have to buy takeaway foods and bring them to classroom because I have only 20 minutes of break time and the restaurant is already full of people. The options for my lunch are narrow, too. A little more than 10 restaurants for us to choose from. Now, that number may seem a lot to some people, but when there are literally only a little more than 10 restaurants to choose from throughout the years, it forces you to eat the same set of food again and again. Sometimes I feel so frustrated with “food torturing” myself that I simply skip that meal. All of this lowers the quality of eating I end up having. Any solutions to that? Well…if dropping your favorite or important course to eat earlier is worth it, then yes. But any sane person would refuse to do that.
The result is that I’m adapting too, mentally and physically: I’ve become wiser and more mature, but also become numb to proper diet intake, no matter that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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