Re-evaluating My Academic Performance|Feb. 25, 2019

This story was written on Feb. 25 by me.
The first semester has officially ended and here comes the second semester. I think this is a perfect moment to reflect on all the things I’ve done right, as well as things I’ve done wrong in the first semester at college. It is re-evaluating time!

After acknowledging all my scores I attained this semester, I compared my scores with those of my classmates’, and we were surprised to learn that students who, score-wise, perform better than the average in the B class share extremely narrow gaps with other students in scores ranking. A friend of mine received an average score merely 0.05 points lower than mine, resulting in his rank 3 spots lower than mine. Even with the final average score of 80.33, I still ranked 22, not even on the top 20, while that friend got 80.38 and ranked 25. This tells us the fierce competition students in the top quarter of our class are having.
This is, without a doubt, a nice thing to see. I am happy not because of the fact I ranked 22 out of 61 people, I am happy because there are still 21 people who are more hardworking than I currently am and I can always look up to them.

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