Part-Time Tutor? (Part 2)|Mar. 11, 2019

This story was written on Mar. 11 by me.
Last week I talked about how my girlfriend and I got ourselves jobs. And this week I am going to talk about this new job and how I feel about it.

The kid I’m teaching isn’t a 9-year-old, but rather a 14 years old middle school student who has been studying in a European school since she graduated from kindergarten. She has had trouble speaking Chinese properly, not to mention her poor ability in writing Chinese characters. Her mother believes that my experiences in teaching kids and foreign students in schools would be helpful for this job.
My job includes having her relearn the Zhuyin system, which she left off when she graduated from kindergarten, and introduce her to Chinese characters, phrases, as well as all the other important factors towards speaking fluent Chinese. That is a lot of work to be done.
However, the job isn’t bad at all, in fact, I quite like it: Katie (my student) is a headache, but that doesn’t mean I would give up. Every week I try to set objectives and goals for us to reach, and so far we are far behind the schedules I originally planned, but that only means I’ll have to change my strategy of the way I teach and try harder.
I go to Katie’s house for two hours every Wednesday and Friday. For every hour I get $500, so that’s $2000 per week, woah. I don’t know about others, but to me, $2000 a week is more than enough to feed myself and have some more spare cash to save up. In fact, I don’t think I would need the monthly living expenses my family provides anymore from now on.
So, this job has made me busier, commuting during rush hour in the heavy traffic of Shilin District; browsing through oceans of textbooks trying to find the one that suits Katie’s need; grabbing and eating up foods on the go before reaching Katie’s place and start the session in 5 minutes. But also there’s no denying that this job has provided me an opportunity to excel myself, to see where my limits are. All of the challenges that this job brings enable me to achieve what I once thought could not be done.
And of course, they pay me well, so why not?

(2019/5/7 update: darn it, I heard it from my friends that $500 an hour isn’t actually decent. Well….)

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