Part-Time Tutor? (Part 1)|Mar. 4, 2019

This story was written on Mar. 4 by me
A couple of weeks before the winter vacation I noticed an article hiring English tutors on Soochow University Facebook group. That got me interested. I handed the information to my girlfriend and said, “This actually looks cool. Do you think I should give it a try?” She said, “Dunno, but I’m definitely gonna give it a try.”

This job required proficiency in advanced English communicating and comprehensive knowledge in the English language in order to teach a 9 years old American-born kid who is “very active”, according to the poster. The job also required the tutor to be able to teach her math & science using only English.
Having taught in a cram school (as a part-time job) for the last two years, I believed I know the how to get along with kids well and had the confidence to handle this job, so I sent my resume to the poster later that day. By applying to the same job, my girlfriend and I have officially become competitors, but there would only be one winner…or two?
A week later we both received a message saying that we got the job, we were ecstatic. But how exactly did this happen? It turns out that the sister of the student’s mother was also finding a tutor for her child, and our former experiences perfectly fit these two blanks.
The day we were informed that we were both hired was especially joyful, so we decided to treat ourselves at a fine Italian restaurant that night, which our expense drastically exceeded the salaries we were getting with our new jobs.
The dishes were delicious though.

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