Black, White, And Everything in Between

The following is excerpted from a dialogue I had with my girlfriend, Clemence, after I shared breathtaking artworks created by Mini people with her. 

M: There is a collection of artwork I’d like to show to you. It’s dark, depressing, and unimaginably beautiful… I truly love it.

And it is just so…..right. It feels right.

To me, the deepest fear is not the color black, but an ambiguity stuck between the ratio of black and white—the unsettling grey.

C: I really like it. Grey has proven to be the most depressing color. I don’t know why but the glowing eye is pretty brilliant, I can almost feel the fear. The painting also gives an, like you said, a really unsettling feeling of uncertainty.

Thank you for sharing this.

M: Black, is a death code. Sure, it’s frustrating and dreadful. Hopeless. And white. It represents fear more than any other color. The purest white is the darkest fear.

Then there’s this unsettling ambiguity. The color that gives little to none yet the most pronounced depression. A translation in color that speaks death as well as fear. And any other aspect of negative emotions human would have.

C: White to me feels more like a never ending emptiness—pure white I mean.

M: that’s right! White can be so dreadful—nothing! Colder than the known temperature system itself. But cold without emotions.

To me, the coldness isn’t as pronounced in black as in white because there are something else to worry about with the emotions that came with black.

C: Satie’s song, the one you like very much, sounds like white and a little bit of grey. So does Rêverie and that one Ludovico’s song. They all end up being my favorite.

I used to like songs that sound like autumn, like a sad yellow. Now it’s too colorful for me I don’t know why? Kevin kern’s. His song is a bit darker in color to me, there are like dark brown, dark blue.

M: You’re probably the only one on earth who I can talk about this kind of stuff with.

C: Reminiscence is kinda like Kevin Kern’s style, and then it really is closer to some kind of faded yellow. Light color, and a little bit of grey. The color of autumn. Its key is (something) sharp major, I will find out now.

M: I’d say Reminiscence is the color of saturated maple leaves, and has a rough but worn texture of a recycled paper, which is nice to feel in hand.

C: And then a bit greyish white.

M: Yeah.

C: It’s A sharp major…. Sad yellow. Sad yellow is always A sharp major. I think we’re hearing the same.

M: I love recycled paper with rough textures. I love maple syrup.

C: Yeah. It’s so sweet.


You can see the the artworks by Mini people on their Tumblr or Facebook.

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