Woah Busy Busy Busy!


It has been…well, it has been many days since the new semester started, and it seems I haven’t slowed down once. This is not a bad thing, of course, to always have your eyes on something or always in pursuit of a goal. But I also read that, being busy doesn’t necessarily translate to improvements in productivity…So, not entirely a good thing either, I guess?

Nevertheless, I’m a huge believer in productivity. I believe that having a consistent quality of productivity is far better than “being busy all the time”, or at least the former sounds much nicer.

…And that’s why I’d like to tell you what I’ve been doing recently, so I can convince myself I’ve been very productive lately!

English Conversation Class

I wanted to email my professor to tell him that I am a total fool and it is my sheer stupidity and laziness that caused me to miss today’s course. Again. I haven’t seen my English Conversation professor for over two weeks now. The only class I attended was also his first lecture, and now I have almost forgotten what he looks like. I did do my assignments. In fact, I’d consider my work quite splendid. We are required to prepare a presentation as an assignment each week and share it during class. I always burn the midnight oil just to perfect them. And I didn’t realize that this is exactly the reason why I always oversleep in the next morning.

So far, we’ve had 3 presentations. I picked Hong Kong protests, the trade war between Japan & Korea, and robotics company Boston Dynamics. I might post them online in the future if I have the time.

Chinese Tutor

The work at the Chinese Center is never tedious. I found so many mind-blowing discoveries in my language with our students, and often those discoveries lead us to more questions. In fact, if given the opportunity, I’d actually want to do more for those students. It sounds weird, but it legitimately feels good to be able to promote your country/culture/language through teaching.

Fake Food Critic

I don’t know why, but the term “fake food critic” reminds me of some fake taxi vid…nevermind.

Since the Spanish course that Joshua was trying to enroll in conflicted with our English Writing course, he could only pick one and choose another time and date for the other course. And that’s why in my last course of the day, I was alone, desperate to tell him how awesome our professor is and what a pity it was for him to not had enrolled in this course. (Expect to see future posts about my English Writing professor. She is really cool.)

So after the class ended, I naturally left the campus myself. I then thought of a Japanese restaurant that I’d been longing to go and try out, and it was a perfect time to do it, so I went.

The restaurant is located near a Starbucks where my girlfriend is working, so I have devised a masterplan to annoy her during work by sending her a bunch of photos and my fake critic review of the dishes.


The dish on the left is some kind of scallop dish.


The main dish, Japanese salmon rice bowl.

Let’s talk about the main dish first.

The fish is fresh and tender, the texture is great. It’s the kind of quality you’d expect to find on the 300$ range. No complaints. Sadly the rice spoiled the whole dish. It’s warm and moist! Why? I’ve heard plenty times that the essence of a sashimi rice bowl is the rice. I can totally understand now. The rice made the fish flavorless. It ruined the whole dish! Look at those salmon eggs, perfect shapes as well as perfect presentation, but sadly ruined by the rice. At least the tamagoyaki (玉子焼き) left me a good impression. I got a generous chunk of that soft delicious omelet and I couldn’t feel more satisfied.

Move on to the scallop dish. I guess it’s supposed to be some sort of an appetizer, but the flavor is just too mild to suit my taste. Without a spicy punch, the whole dish tasted like a salty preserved octopus. Though I don’t hate it all that much, I’m just a tiny bit disappointed.

Last but not least, I had miso soup. It’s pretty good, you can tell that they actually put seafood into the soup as part of the making by tasting it, and the outcome is great. The fish inside the soup is surprisingly not dry and flavorless (like the one you typically find in the soups from cheap Japanese chain restaurants). It’s actually very tender and delicious. I give this soup a 4/5.

Overall, I give this restaurant my final score of 3/5. It’s supposed to be amazing. Too bad some flaws are in the way so a lot of them didn’t shine.

…Actually, I’ll give it a 2.5/5 because I’m pretty sure I won’t go there again! lol

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