How to Enrich Your Life|Nov. 28, 2019

This essay was written on November 28, 2019 for the purpose of practicing procedural writing.

I do not recommend using this this essay as a study material. A number of flaws exist in this essay and I don’t plan on revising it for the time being. For more information see Notes below.

Do you know the secret sauce to a fulfilling and meaningful life? There are actually plenty of helpful tips to build a more joyful, meaningful, and purposeful life. Ways to enrich your life can be proceeded into three stages: self-care, self-improvement, and care for others.

To find happiness, one must first learn to treat themselves better. First and foremost, it is recommended that one should spend quality “me time” with themselves, which includes reading a novel, taking a walk, or relaxing in a hot bath.

When a person learns to care for themselves, he or she gains happiness and confidence, which are a strong foundation for the next stage: self-improvement. External self-improvement activities such as finding a new hobby, learning a new language, and appreciate a different culture are great ways to explore new things in life, making life more fulfilling; internal self-improvement practices such as self-reflection, building confidence, and conquering fear enable us to go on wiser and more meaningful paths in life.

The third stage of ways to enrich lives shows the highest moral practices of the three; it is the most difficult to achieve, but it’s also the most rewarding stage. It brings the concept of caring up to the social level, sending love and care not just inwards, but outwards. At this stage, one finds their life utmost meaningful and fulfilled by showing gratitude to friends and families, volunteering and helping others, as well as forgiving others. Those good deeds enhance the social wellness of one’s surroundings and in turn, benefit the initiator physically and psychologically.

In conclusion, to enrich our lives, we can start by caring and loving ourselves more, then finding out things to improve upon, and last but not least, start to care for people around us. Now that you know all the sauces to a better life, why not go ahead and give some a try?


NOTE: One major and critical flaw in this essay is the lack of statistical supportive data or expert opinions, i.e., I failed to include any reports or statistics to prove my statements true.

According to our instructor Miguel, it is advisable to incorporate supporting details when writing an essay. Including the aforementioned ones, there are generally 6 types of supportive data(SD):

  • a story
  • an idiom or saying
  • a common sense
  • an expert opinion
  • a well known real life example
  • statistics.

Utilizing SDs not only adds credibility to an essay, but enhances the overall quality of it as well.

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