New Words from the Technology Industry that Change How We Live

Michael Chuang
Department of English Literature, Soochow University
[2021 Summer] Introduction to English Linguistics
Freddy Chen
August 8, 2021

In recent decades, we see an immense rise in rapid technology development, and humanity advancing at an unprecedented pace. As a result, more and more newly-introduced terms are created in response to the escalating need for new, emerging applications in the technology industry around the globe. This essay aims to collect words of significance from the technology industry, whose impact are so immense that they have greatly shaped our lives today, or will be shaping our lives tomorrow. 

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Vanilla—a Simple & Neat Way to Hide Menu Bar Icons

Hi, the topic today is quite different from what I have been posting here. Since this blog hasn’t really touched on any tech-related articles, me being such a tech lover, I decide to start a new category on this website dedicated to sharing interesting tech tips and gadgets! I hope you will like this new category and I can’t wait to share more of what I love!

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