I’m a Chinese Tutor in Soochow University, and I’m Proud to Be One

When I say that the one who teaches others actually receives more, I mean it.

A few weeks after I got into this university, I went to a conference where the host introduced Chinese Language Center and the Chinese tutors who voluntarily work and help foreign students on the campus. And I immediately knew I had to sign up for this.

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Cosmic Fear|Apr. 29, 2019

This story was written on Apr. 29 by me.
Just days ago, a photo amazed the world. It is the first picture of a black hole human have ever captured. Since then, it has been everywhere. The photo is so popular and widely discussed that the world has gotten into the craze of space exploration, pretty much like the time when Armstrong first laid his feet onto the surface of the moon.

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Part-Time Tutor? (Part 1)|Mar. 4, 2019

This story was written on Mar. 4 by me
A couple of weeks before the winter vacation I noticed an article hiring English tutors on Soochow University Facebook group. That got me interested. I handed the information to my girlfriend and said, “This actually looks cool. Do you think I should give it a try?” She said, “Dunno, but I’m definitely gonna give it a try.”

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Japanese Lectures|Nov. 12, 2018

The article was written on Nov. 12 by me.
I feel so fortunate when I meet good professors.

I chose Japanese as my foreign language in school since it’s a requirement to study a second foreign language besides English in our department, at least in our first two years of college. I’ve been interested in learning Japanese since a long long time ago but never put it into practice. Well, to be fair, I did. I looked up methods to study it online and took free courses on my phone and computer. I even read my sister’s Japanese textbooks to pretend that I could suddenly become proficient by reading those books designed for Japanese college students.

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Internet Pal|Oct. 8, 2018

This story was written on Oct. 8 by me.
Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that he had an American internet pal and they were discussing the complexity of Chinese grammar. I got curious and asked how they had become friends. It turned out that my friend saw a post seeking language exchange on an Internet forum, he contacted the author and then they started teaching each other their mother language.

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