Winnie the Pooh — It Is Only Natural to Make Mistakes

This essay was written for my Traditions in Children’s Literature course on November 21, 2019 and it surprisingly did not suck. So I decided to put it up here.

And by the way, Merry Christmas! 🙂

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A Bit of an Update

I know I promised myself to keep updating this site but every time I jot down random thoughts I fail to organize them into an actually worth-reading note. They are just too random and generally not lengthy enough to be covered, nevertheless, the way they are makes them interesting.

I want to give some quick updates on what I have been doing, and thinking.

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Comparing the Different Versions of Narcissus

This article was written as one of our assignments for Introduction to Western Literature.

     Narcissus, known in Greek Mythology, was a man of striking beauty that had attracted many admirers. But to his arrogance, he disdained those who loved him and spurned them all, causing some to commit suicide, while some others calling on the goddess Nemesis to avenge him. Their prayers were answered when Narcissus was led to a forest, where he saw his own reflection in a pool. Allured by the great beauty in the water, the young hunter could not resist but gazed at his own reflection. Narcissus eventually withered away by the pool. His body disappeared and all that was left was a narcissus flower.

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Cosmic Fear|Apr. 29, 2019

This story was written on Apr. 29 by me.
Just days ago, a photo amazed the world. It is the first picture of a black hole human have ever captured. Since then, it has been everywhere. The photo is so popular and widely discussed that the world has gotten into the craze of space exploration, pretty much like the time when Armstrong first laid his feet onto the surface of the moon.

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History of Virtual Reality|Mar. 25, 2019

This article was written on Mar. 25 by me.
I have always been interested in the consumer technology industry, and I could not be more excited when I heard that the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, HTC, announced that they were in the business of consumer-grade VR headsets back in 2016. I was too happy about this news, I decided to write an article about it when I was still in high school. I saw it last night and decided to rewrite it completely and give the topic some 2019 updates (because I still love this topic.)

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A Brief Look into How We Speak|Mar. 18, 2019

This story was written on Mar. 18 by me.
It’s just fascinating to think about the fact that every individual of us speaks a certain yet very distinct, fully personalized pattern of language, and have an unintentional formulation of choice of words. As far as I know, this happens in people speaking their native language, as well as foreign languages. We all tend to speak, write, and express emotions with a selection of words and phrasings that even we ourselves sometimes aren’t aware of.

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Re-evaluating My Academic Performance|Feb. 25, 2019

This story was written on Feb. 25 by me.
The first semester has officially ended and here comes the second semester. I think this is a perfect moment to reflect on all the things I’ve done right, as well as things I’ve done wrong in the first semester at college. It is re-evaluating time!

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