Friends, Studies, And Depression|Nov. 19, 2018

This article was written on Nov. 19 by me.
The longer I stay in the university, the more people I find to struggle from lack of confidence and positivity, what’s more, I find many people suffering from depression.

The cause of depression can be various, and usually complex. Each and every one of the causes should be taken with great seriousness, because one of the biggest difficulties depression patients are suffering is the constant lack of understanding from others. I met a friend just a couple weeks ago at the university who is diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder (PDD), which means she would always feel depressed, sometimes critical and sometimes mild. People with depression would usually suffer from some other mental or health conditions, too.
Although we are not doctors or their counselors, what we can do is help them by staying by their side, listening to their thoughts, and try to put ourselves in their shoes and understand them. Simply doing these already warms up their hearts, and making the world just a little bit better.

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